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At SIS, it is an expectation of all staff that they engage in wider research within the learning groups available through the CPD programme. The research they conduct and then explore through their teaching is a vital component in self-improvement. We take pride at SIS that we are all learners within a dynamic learning community, which is vital for the health of any school. Action research and our dedication to advancement is what makes us stand out. We believe that we develop teaching and learning which is highly considered and reflected upon.

"Beliefs and conceptions held by teachers need to be questioned - not because they are wrong (or right) but because the essence of good teaching is that teachers' expectations and conceptions must be subjected to debate, refutation and investigation. Only then can there be major improvements in student achievement."

Hattie. Visible Learning. (2009).


The documents below are our thoughts on our teaching. We take pride in being a research engaged community and the "Straits Talking" publications shall offer an insight into what we are doing here.

 SIS_CPD 2016 Newsletter 

Volume 1 - 2015-16

Issue 1 available November 1st 2015


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