Review of U14 Netball tournament at Uplands

01 December 2016

STRAITS DRAGONS - Penang School Sports Fixtures – SPORTS REPORT

Date: Thursday 1st December

Team: 14 and Under Girls Netball

Game: U 14 Netball Tournament

Venue: Uplands

Team members:
Elly, Zhi Yun, Tina, Bernice, Megan, Miyu, Joanne, Reena, Tien Ee, Jayan



Game 1 – Straits vs POWIIS B

On Thursday 1st December Straits U/14 Netball team participated in their final competition for this year which was a Tournament against Uplands, Tenby and POWIIS. Straits first competed against POWIIS B. This was a very tough and close game but with all the hard training the team had put in Straits managed to score and keep the game on an even base. POWIIS only took the lead with a few lucky saves and managed to win the game by only 1 goal.


Game 2 – Straits vs Uplands C

This game was where the strength in STRAITS game shone. A few girls decided to play in different positions to gain an advantage using their strength and height and were happily surprised when they were able to score continuous goals. Straits were able to have a clean sweep and take out the entire game with a 7 point lead to nil.


Game 3 – Straits vs Tenby A

This was by far the toughest game. Tenby have great strength and speed in their game, however, Straits were able to defend with agility and stop goals reaching their destination. Tenby A took out the game, but not without great determination and teamwork by Straits.


Overall it was a fantastic tournament, which the U14 Straits team showed much grit and power to win a game in the tournament. Well done to the U14 Straits team and we look forward to training hard again in the new academic year.



Game 1: STRAITS (1) – POWIIS B (2)

Game 2: Straits (7) – Uplands C (0)

Game 3: Straits (1 )– Tenby A (15)


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