Review of U13 & U15 football vs POWIIS 15-11-16

15 November 2016

STRAITS DRAGONS - Penang School Sports Fixtures – SPORTS REPORT

Date: Tuesday

Team:  U15 and U13 Boys Football

Game: Straits vs POWIIS


Team members: 

Under 15: Firdaus, Jack, Danny, Wayne, Yang, Brendon, Patrick, Sean, Vikaash, Zac

Under 13: Victor, Javier, Sato, Yenjoe, Jonathan, Zhen Shen, Yu-Ming, Ayush, Pravin, Dickson, Indesh


On 15th of November (Tuesday), Straits Dragons football teams went to POWIIS for another friendly match between both U15 and U13 school teams. After we reached POWIIS, the players changed and started to practice passing in a big circle to prevent any errors in the match. POWIIS started kick off for the first half. U15 was playing with motivation to get a win. The passing and communication between the Dragons team were better compared to the last match and they managed to calm their nerves down for this match. Zac opened the scoring by managing to score a rebound header after the goalkeeper saved the ball from Danny's shot. Straits celebrated their first goal and tried to keep the lead to their advantage.

First half was over and substitutions were made. Second half was kicked off by Straits and POWIIS were playing the game more seriously compared to the first half with extra pressure. Both teams were trying to score a goal however, there were a lot of chances wasted by Straits. After a few minutes, POWIIS attempted to score a goal but it was cleared by the defenders from Straits. 1 minute down to full time, everyone was determined to end the game in their advantage but no more goals were scored. The matched ended with another victory for the U15's: 1-0

The match between the U13 teams was quite intense. Both teams played well but the match was won by POWIIS, who seemed like a more game-experienced team. The U13 Dragons are still new and learning through their experiences. They believe their hard work will provide the results soon.

Report: Results:

Game 1: U 15 STRAITS 1 – POWIIS 0

Game 2: U 13 STRAITS 0 – POWIIS 8

Reported by : Brandon (U15/Y10) & Mr.Vinod

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