Review of Straits vs GEMS U15 boys & U13 girls

16 February 2017

STRAITS DRAGONS - Penang School Sports Fixtures – SPORTS REPORT

Date: Thursday 16th February 2017

Team:  U15 Boys & U13 Girls Football

Game: GEMS vs Straits

Venue: GEMS

Team members: 

Under 15: Brandon, Danny, Firdaus, Jack, Patrick, Sean, Vikaash, Wayne, Yang, Zac

Under 13: Jayan, Jayne, Teresa, Tien Ee, Tina, Xuan


On 16th of February (Thursday), Straits Dragons U15 Boys and U13 Girls football teams travelled to the mainland for a friendly match against GEMS. The teams were in high spirits on the bus and when we reached GEMS, they represented the school impeccably. The sun was hot out on the fields and both teams needed to keep well hydrated. After a brief warm-up and stretching exercises the teams were ready to kick off.

This is the boys’ third match this season and the question was whether they would keep their unbeaten record? Yang was picked to be the team captain and he led the team in their stretches before the game. The captains gathered in front of the referee to decide which team got the kick off. Straits won the toss and kicked off for the first half. Straits put a lot of pressure on GEMS and gained a lot of possession in the early minutes. “We had a lot of chances but we wasted all of them”. Danny scored with a beautiful long range shot outside the box. “At half time and we analysed that the keeper has a weak catch on him and GEMS can’t handle high pressure. We huddled up before going into the second half, and shouted STRAITS!” At the start of the second half both teams were equally matched when it came to offense but Straits dominated the whole game. Straits managed to hold out for the match, although they put on a lot of pressure. “They had a lot of chances but wasted them all”. The match ended with a win for Straits and both teams shook hands with each other.

“It was a good match between Straits and GEMS. The GEMS team said that this match was the best team they have ever met and played against due to our confidence and our communication throughout the match. We left them remembering who we really are when we are in football. The team will train harder so that whenever we have a match, we will leave them all remembering about how powerful we are as a team, how Straits Dragons play”.


This was the first match of the season for our U13 Girls but they were ready to get into action. Both teams battled hard for the first few minutes of the match before Straits broke through and scored the first goal. With spirits lifted even higher, the match continued in the same manner but the Straits defence was very tight. With the team working hard for each other, Straits managed to find the net for a second time. After a short water break the battle recommenced with GEMS pushing to find a chink in the Dragons’ armour. This left space for Straits to score again and when the half time whistle blew it was 3-0 to Straits.

Straits kicked off the second half, all of the girls excited to score more. The teamwork continued and Straits found the net shortly after the restart. The team rotated their positions to good effect throughout and soon Straits had another goal. With the morale of the GEMS team becoming lower, Straits found it easy to break them down and extended their lead even further. After another water break and a pep-talk, GEMS came out in force and through a mis-communication in the Straits defence managed to score a goal. However the Dragons didn’t dwell on the error but instead continued to show the team spirit between them. With the GEMS team starting to tire at the end of the game Straits managed to score three more to put the match beyond their courageous opponents. At the final whistle, all the girls congratulated the GEMS team and came off the pitch victorious. Extra praise to Jayne who scored a hattrick in this game!

Report: Results:

Game 1: U 15 Boys GEMS 0 – STRAITS 1

Game 2: U 13 Girls GEMS 1 – STRAITS 9

Reported by : Yang (U15/Y10), Mr.Vinod & Mr. Daniel

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