Review of Sports weekend 3rd & 4th March 2017

03 March 2017

Sports Weekend – Friday 3rd March and Saturday 4th March

This year we chose a team of 12 students from Year 6 and 5 to compete in the Penang International Schools Sports Weekend Hosted by SCIPS at POWIIS and UPLANDS. Six schools were in attendance on the day including Uplands, SCIPS, Tenby, Dalat, BSKL and STRAITS, with each school choosing their top 6 boys and girls to make a team.

Each of the students competed in four sports over the two days, Swimming, Athletics, Football and Teeball. There was much learning and development from the students over the two days as most of them had not competed in a Swimming race and at only their second major Athletics event, were able to put their new-found skills into practice. The team were incredibly proud of their performances and showed great sportsmanship when mixing in with the other schools. Even though the students had played Teeball in PE in the past, they continued to learn about the more intricate rules of the fast paced game. For those students who are part of the Straits Football team, their weeks on practice was put into play and they supported their fellow team mates throughout. The challenges for goal were stopped with strong defence from Straits and the impressive team cohesiveness meant they responded with skillful teamplay to score goals.

Team members:

Brendan, Brian, Ioan, Issac L, Isaac P, Mahadevan

Eeo Min, Jeselyn, Jing Xuan, Joey, Tammy, Teresa


Day 1: Athletics

  • Students competing for the first time on a lined Athletics track with a Long Jump pit, proving to be exceptionally exciting.
  • Brian competed in the High Jump, winning the event with a jump of 1.23M.
  • The entire Straits team winning the final race of the day, Shuttle relay where all 12 students ran a baton up and down the final straight as part of a relay team.

Day 2: Swimming (Morning), Teeball (Midday) Football (Afternoon)

  • Jeselyn winning the Girls 100m IM (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke, Freestyle) in the first swimming race for the day.
  • Brian competing in the Butterfly race when only learning Butterfly in the last week.
  • Ioan, Mahadevan, Joey, Isaac L and Tammy all competing for the first time in 50m race (two laps).
  • For the rest of the students, competing in their first ever swimming competition and attempting their racing dives in a race situation.
  • Straits winning the first game of Teeball against Dalat by 4 runs.
  • Both boys and girls winning two games each in the Football with outstanding play from all team members.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Vinod for his support of the team over the weekend and a huge thanks to the parents in attendance to support, cheer and provide extra encouragement to students over the weekend. It must also be noted that SCIPS, POWIIS and Uplands did a remarkable job running the event and collaborating as a team to run such a successful, action-packed sports weekend enjoyed by all. Full results to follow.

Rowan Barrow 

PE, Sports and Activities Co-ordinator

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