Review of Secondary Athletics (PISAC)

24 March 2017

Penang International Schools Secondary Athletics Meet –Friday 24th March, 2017

This year saw the introduction of the first Straits International School Secondary Athletics Team. The team was selected from the best results of each Year level at the recent House Sports. On Friday afternoon the students took to City Stadium in Georgetown and much to the amazement of the Straits students, they were able to compete on a proper length Athletics track which is made from synthetic rubber, which helps to absorb impact.

Students competed in various track and field events including relays, in the U/15 and U/18 age group and were pleasantly surprised with their results. The team of 15 students competed against other schools including POWIIS, Uplands and Dalat.

Team members:

Yr 7 – Sato and Kassandra

Yr 8 – Indesh, Ayush, Tina and Nheha

Yr 9 – Zac and Firdaus

Yr 10 – Jack, Brandon, Chen Jun, Yirene

Yr 11 – Brendon, Zhan Wei and Wei Ki



  • Firdaus 2nd Overall in the U/15 Boys Long Jump
  • Jack 1st Overall in the U/18 Boys 200m
  • Students participating in the rain on a 400m track and wanting to participate in as many races as they physically could.

A huge thank you must go to Dalat for organizing the event and thank you also to the parents that were able to come down and support the students. We look forward to training hard in preparation for Athletics in the new academic year.

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