Review of U15 & U18 Cross Country

01 March 2017

Straits Cross Country Team

This year saw the introduction of the first Straits International School Cross Country Team. The team was selected from students completing a trial run at the field in their respective distances for the age groups – U/15 3km & U/18 5km. There was an incredible turn out and a team of 23 students in total were selected to attend the three events to be held around Penang International Schools.

POWIIS – 25/7/17

The students took to the streets of Balik Pulau and the POWIIS campus to complete the Cross Country run. Many of the students had not run this distance before the trials so they were keen to test their endurance capability and really work hard on their stride and stamina to complete the race. A huge thank you to Ms Ellie and Mr Daniel for accompanying Ms Rowan to help with the team timekeeping and cheering. We also had many parents attend the event, who worked together at the end of the track to cheer the Straits team home.

Uplands – 8/2/2017

The team was treated to a nice and cool jungle venue at the viaduct on the Batu Ferringhi hill beside Uplands school. The students had a steep incline from the get go and had to immediately work hard to keep up their pace and improve their performance. On completion, many of the students said the hill climb was hard but they were happy for the return descent. The majority of the team made significant improvements with their run time considering the challenge of the hill climb.

Straits Quay – 1/3/2017

For the final race, the team was once again blessed with cool weather to complete the very flat course that followed the Straits Quay promenade past the Lighthouse. The team worked exceptionally hard to improve their overall performance with much improvement in times from the three races. I am extremely proud of the students’ results over the three events and look forward to training the team for next years’ races.

Thankyou! I would like to thank all parents that were extremely supportive and collected students from the various places around Penang. Thanks to the parents that attended to cheer and support the runners at the end of the race and to the parents that helped who attended training. This contribution helped to ensure we had some excellent results on the track.

A special mention to Ms Ellie for attending two of the three races to support me in my managing role, much appreciated.


U/18 -5Km

  POWIIS Uplands  Straits Quay
  25/1/17 8/2/17 1/3/17
Danny 27.33 39.00 33.20
Chen Jun DNR 35.08 38.45
Wayne DNR 39.24 DNR
Jack 22.49 28.37 29.35
Ryan 31.11 39.28 38.45
Chris 31.10 DNR DNR
Andrew 31.53 DNR DNR
Michiko 31.55 DNR DNR


U/15 – 3km

  POWIIS Uplands Straits Quay
  25/1/17 8/2/17 1/3/17
Tina 27.54 20.15 23.19
Teresa 33.10 23.03 23.03
Kassandra 36.00 DNR DNR
Nheha 32.58 DNR DNR
Zhenhao 27.51 18.25 16.39 (PB)
Alvin 34.36 29.26 21.00 (PB)
Isaac 33.34 29.23 19.38 (PB)
Dylan 24.07 16.28 12.58 (PB)
Ivan 27.54 19.01 15.42 (PB)
Mahadevan 26.11 19.25 17.05 (PB)
Jing Xuan DNR DNR 23.03
Kah Liang 32.40 DNR DNR
Daren 23.54 18.14 DNR
Ayush 25.22 20.00 14.48 (PB)
Indesh 23.28 DNR 14.48 (PB)
Ioan DNR DNR 17.55

*DNR - denotes runner did not race

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