CNY Jumpstreet Trip

27 February 2015

The SIS Chinese New Year excursion was a treat relished by the students, as the whole of Primary sprang into life at Jumpstreet, a trampoline park located in Di Piazza. Beginning with warm ups and a safety briefing given by the competent staff in the park, the students dove into the fun of bouncing acrobatically around the park for a whole two hours. The School Council recounted their experience by reviewing the experience in the articles set out below.

Today it was awesome! I played dodgeball. I went tower jumping and it was so relaxing. I didn't go to the battle beam. We got special socks to not easily fall. I played Slam dunk. I tried to touch the goal but I couldn't.

Venus, Yr 3

I went to Jumpstreet today. The best options are the Jumping Tower, The Battle Beam and the Foam Pit. I was excited about it all, and my socks were very sticky.

Irfan, Yr 3

Today was an exciting day, I went to Jump Street. First we went to the main pit and we did a bunch of awesome stuff like starjumps, it was awesome! Next we went to the basketball court where I scored two goals. I couldn't score the medium or highest because it was too high, but it was fun. I wish I went to the high performance area because I loved it all so much!

Next we went to the dodgeball court but I got "out" first becuase I got hit by a ball. I really really wish we had stayed there for three hours. Next we went to the foam pit and after to the tower jump where I landed face first on the air bag, it was extremely hilarious. The foam pit was much softer, and at first I couldn't get out. All too quickly it was time to go back to school. I wish I could visit there again soon.

Eeo Min Yr 4

We spent two hours jumping happily, excited and exhausted at Jump Street for our Chinese New Year celebration. We got split into different groups so it wouldn't be too crowded, and we went to different places in our groups.

 In my group we went to do the normal moves such as the knee drop (which is my favorite) and the butt drop. Then my group and I went to play dodge ball, while jumping! Unfortunately my team sadly lost. After that we went to the slam down and after that, the jump tower. The secod time I jujmped, I did a front flip, and then we ahd to go back and the friendly staff gave us a band and a free coupon.

Ioan, Yr 4

I spent two hours jumping on trampolines. I played dodgeball, did a few jumping tricks, I fought on the battle beam, leapt from the tower jump, bailed into the foam pit and slam-dunked at the slam dunk arena. It was exciting fun. We were split into groups so each area wasn't too crowded.

The place was maybe half the size of Kidzania. Sadly the high performance area was closed. I did some somersaults. When we went back to school I felt like I was still jumping! We wore special sock there that gave us good grip. While playing dodgeball, my team won with a great victory. We were losing but eventually we won. I had an exciting day. The end.

Jonathon, Yr 5

I had a lovely day at Jumpstreet. It was an exhausting day there. I started off in the main court and I tried to somersault but failed, then I went to the dodgeball competition, I lost. I then went to the Tower Jump, but still couldn't do a somersault! After, I went to the foam pit which was very soft and was hard to come out of after jumping in. It was great fun though. Overall, I had an excellent day and I can't wait to go again.

Misha, Yr 5

I went to Jumpstreet today. It was a wonderful day. The staff were very friendly and I had so much fun. My group started to warm up so that we would not get muscle strain. After that, we went to the Main Pit to learn different trampoline moves. We wore special socks to prevent us from slipping. Then we went to try to slam dunk a ball into a basket ball hoop using a trampoline. We played trampoline dodge ball, but sadly my team lost. After that we went to dive into the Foam Pit and jump from the Tower. Plenty of people did somersaults and other amazing tricks. We went to the battle beam and had so much fun.

Although we had an amazing time, we had to leave. We were given wrist bands and coupons. I would like to come back this weeekend.

Alexis, Yr 6

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