Straits 7 & leavers assembly

06 July 2017

Our Year 6's led this Straits 7 assembly, showing the virtues of compassion through acted-out scenes on the stage. They then led the whole Primary school in singing a song to show our unity with each other. After this the house points were announced and the room erupted in cheers as Ms Karlie announced Rusa as the winners.

At the end of every year there is always a sad moment where we say goodbye to friends and staff members. These friends will always remain with us and we will cherish our memories of our time together. We wish all of our leaving students the best of luck as they relocate to Dubai, Korea and the USA. We hope you have enjoyed your time at Straits and will remember all the international friends you have made. We also wish our departing teachers well in their careers. May you teach your new students with the same compassion and commitment you have shown at Straits.

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