Year 6

16 June 2017

What we learnt about this week

Dear Parents,

This week in English, we began to read our new text, Wolf Brother and answer some comprehension questions on the first six chapters. Please remember to bring the book to lessons.

In Maths, we have been completing the ‘profit and loss’ work regarding our Theme Park Project. We have also been completing the design of the park, taking into account all of the area work involved. We have also completed the ‘advertisement’ section of the work.  

In Science, we began to learn about simple chemical reactions. We were introduced to the basics of a chemical reaction. We learned that a reaction (process) involves reactants and gives products (reactants à products). We also looked at how slime is made using different reactants.

In Humanities we have started our final topic of the year, a geographical study of America.  Students have started to locate the continent, the surrounding oceans and identified the different states within North America.

What we plan for next week

Next week in English, we will begin to write narratives with our new text, Wolf Brother.

In Maths, we will complete all of our Theme Park Project work and prepare for presentations of the finished packs, to the rest of the class.

In Science, we will be learning about how acids react with metals to give salt and hydrogen (acids + metal à salt + hydrogen).

Next week in Humanities, students will begin to plan a trip across North America, within a specific budget.


Homework goes home on a Thursday and should be returned by the following Tuesday.

English: Read chapters 7-11 of Wolf brother and make notes.

Maths: All students are responsible for the completion of presentation work – design and calculation / area work – ready for the final presentations.

Science: to complete a revision worksheet on the reproductive system (humans).

How you can help your child at home

  • Encourage healthy eating habits - healthy snacks and lunches, and a water bottle
  • Provide a calm environment for your child to study
  • Praise efforts and encourage your child to be independent
  • Refer to your child’s timetable for reminders about library and PE (wear PE uniform on PE days!)
  • Help your child to develop a love of reading- Give praise, use reading as a reward, and write in their Home Reader book (Yellow book!).

Dates for your Diary

26th and 27th June: Hari Raya – NO SCHOOL
28th June: Straits 7 week begins
29th and 30th June: School production
6th July: Whole school sports day
7th July: Heritage day – NO SCHOOL
10th July: Parents evening
12th July: Graduation and last day with students


Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

Ms. Karlie, Ms. Nellie, Ms. Carrena and Ms. Rowan
Year 6K & 6R Form Tutors

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