Year 4

08 April 2016

What we learnt about this week

Dear Parents,


This week in English, we revised the features of poetry from last term and used our skills to create shape poems. At the end of the week, we began examine the features of a news report.


In Maths, we learnt about the differences between the 12-hour system and the 24-hour system, a.m. and p.m. and how to convert from p.m. to a 24-hour system. Parents are encouraged to revise with students at home.


In Science, this week the students have been learning about electricity, that as an energy can be changed into different energy such as light, heat and movement. They also learnt about batteries and mains electricity as a source of power.  


In P.S.H.E, we revised the basic human rights and began looking into more difficult concepts on human rights, such as the freedom of speech and the right to a peaceful existence. The students learnt that they have a voice and the right to be heard, but can do so in a non-confrontational way.

What we plan for next week

Next week in English, we will learn how to create impartial newspaper reports, with all of the features in place. The topic is linked to our Humanities lessons on Nature and pollution, but the students will firstly have to find the common features of different types of news stories.


In Maths we shall be exploring time sequences and how to calculate time in different countries. We will also aim to cover how to tell the time using terms "minutes pass" and "minutes to".


In Science the students will learn that a complete circuit is needed for a device to work. They will also be learning to device and make a simple circuit using electrical components such as bulbs, batteries and wires.

Next week in P.S.H.E, the students will look at different countries scores for human rights and discover what might affect those scores, and why are some countries lower than others.


Homework goes home on a Thursday and should be returned by the following Tuesday.

The homework this week has been posted on Edmodo and asks the students to complete a PSHE task on voicing their opinion, values and ideas. For English they have begun to create a newspaper article, they must complete the article by writing the main body of the text.

How you can help your child at home

  • Encourage healthy eating habits- healthy snacks and lunches, and a water bottle
  • Provide a calm environment for your child to study
  • Praise efforts and encourage your child to be independent
  • Refer to your child’s timetable for reminders about library and PE (wear PE uniform on PE days!)
  • Help your child to develop a love of reading- Give praise, use reading as a reward, write in their Home Reader book (Yellow book!).

Dates for your Diary

Parents Evening – Monday 11th April and Year 4 is located on the second floor on the right.


Thank you very much for your ongoing support!

The  Year 4 Team

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