Year 4

11 March 2016



This week the students continued learning about shapes, moving on from triangles to 3D shapes. On the theme of collaborative week, the students were required to work in themes to create large 3D shapes from plastic straws. This not only tested their knowledge of 3D shapes, but helped them to translate Mathematical abstracts into physical objects. The shapes were 1 large tesseract, a rectangle, a diamond and other complex polygons.



The year 4 students have finished the poetry segment, learning how to form cinquains. They have demonstrated an increased understanding of poetry terms as they learned how to identify where literary devices are used and apply the skill of using these in poems of their own creation.



“Gases around us” was the unit we covered this week, and the students were asked to consider what gases we utilise in our everyday lives and how the properties of different gases can help us. The task increased the students’ ability to think about Science in a practical fashion, and to see a how we use Science to in technology.



Victorian inventions have been the topic explored by Year 4 this half term, but we will move on to learning about notable Victorian contributors to the world of science, literature, politics, humanitarian pursuits and the World in general. The students have been discovering that history is a linear phenomenon, contributed to by outstanding people.


Mr Richard
Year 4 Class Teacher


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