Year 3

23 June 2017

What we learnt about this week

Dear Parents,

In English we have been learning to use the present perfect tense and have started to use this when writing our explanation text based on the process of extracting nectar and making honey. 

In Maths, we explored using the bus stop method to divide two-digit numbers by a single digit number and 10.

In Science, we discussed the exam paper and we have started on a new chapter on Magnets and Springs.

In Humanities, students learned about the geographical region of Australasia. They found commonalities between the appearances of the countries there and discovered that the climate is a result of location. Year 3 also examined the geography of Australia, and discussed the climate with reference to lines of latitude.

What we plan for next week

In English we will be completing our explanation texts, using technical language, causal connectives and time connectives.

In Maths, we will learn about pictograms and bar charts.

In Science, we will be learning on different shaped magnets, attraction, repelling, and also about the magnetic field.

In Humanities, students will discover facts about Australia as found in atlases. They will begin to write a brochure that uses persuasive language to entice would be travellers to visit there.


In English, there is a reading comprehension task to complete.    

In Maths - mixed practice word problems.

In Science - workbook task.

For Humanities, choose a country in Australasia/Oceania and research reasons why it would be a good place to visit. With your new found knowledge, begin designing a brochure that would sell a holiday to that place.

  How you can help your child at home

  • Encourage lots of reading at home and discuss the books read.
  • Practise spellings and ensure students understanding the meaning of these.
  • Encourage healthy eating habits - healthy snacks and lunches, and a water bottle
  • Provide a calm environment for your child to study
  • Praise efforts and encourage your child to be independent
  • Refer to your child’s timetable for reminders about library and PE (wear PE uniform on PE days!

Dates for your Diary

26th and 27th June: Hari Raya – NO SCHOOL
28th June: Straits 7 week begins
29th and 30th June: School production
6th July: Whole school sports day
7th July: Heritage day – NO SCHOOL
10th July: Graduation and parents evening
12th July: Last day of term

Ms. Clare, Mr. Dennis, Mr. Shah and Ms. Pavithra

Year 3 Team

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