02 June 2017

What we learnt about this week

Dear Parents,

In Literacy, students were introduced to the phonics sound of the last letter of the alphabet which is letter z and the formation of the letter z. Students explored objects that begin with that sound. Using phonic as the base of teaching the letter sound, students were able to grasp and was able to sing the letter rhymes with ease. They even did letter ‘z’ using play dough. The students made letter z crafts such as zebra and zoo. Students were also introduced to 5 new sight words as part of the reading process.

For Maths lesson, the students were introduced to a new topic weight. They learn about each student’s weight by using an electronic weighing scale. They were impressed when the electronic weighing scale showed numbers after they stood on top of it.  Then they carried out an experiment by weighing one student’s water bottle and objects in the classroom. They determined which one was heavier and lighter.

In Art lesson, they made an iceberg using cotton wool and found out the differences between the formations of iceberg.

Science lessons were focused on our fourth theme of natural phenomenon which is Iceberg. They learnt about the formation of icebergs. They also learnt about the different types of animal’s lives in the North and South Pole.

Well done to all the Nursery students who did an amazing job for their PBL this morning. Thank you so much for the parents who took their time off and joined this morning. Well done everyone!


  • Sight Words
  1. her
  2. at
  3. up
  4. go
  5. so
  • Homework Pack

What we plan for next week

Literacy – Letters a-z (Revision)

Math – Add 1 more (Big Scale)

Science – In Science, students will revise the entire natural phenomenon that they have learnt. We will introduce the theme for the next half term which is 3R.

How you can help your child at home

  • Making sure children are getting enough sleep each day
  • Ensuring that reading is done daily for at least 30 minutes
  • Encouraging children to love learning
  • Speaking and asking your child about the learning at school
  • Discuss about the Natural phenomenon happening around us

Dates for your Diary

Please refer to the dates below for the swimming lesson which will commence on the 21st  June 2017. Please prepare the outfit required.

Nursery –Ms. Devi

Wednesday 21st  June – 8:45 – 9:30am

Thursday 29th June -10.15 -11am

25th May: Swimming House competition

2nd June: PBL open morning for parents

9th – 12th June: Nuzul Al Quran - NO SCHOOL

13th June: Start of Summer 2 term


Ms. Devi
Nursery Team

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