31 October 2014

Students in Nursery started the second half of Term 1 with a new theme. The children will learn about healthy eating habits under the theme of Food and Nutrition. We will cover different food groups each week in class. This week students were introduced to the Fruit group. They were introduced to a variety of fruits through sensorial learning. Students had hands-on experience in making a fruit salad in class. For Literacy, students were introduced to the letter Ff and phonics sound of the letter Ff. In Maths they began to relate number names to its value within 5. We covered lessons on sequencing, zooming into using ‘before’ and ‘after’ as their main learning objective. As for science lessons, students were learning to do simple food groupings and classified each group. For Art lesson, we made a Diwali ‘Ranggoli’ craft to coincide with Diwali celebration held in school on the 29th Oct 2014.

Ms. Dev Krishnan

Nursery Teacher

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