23 June 2017

The end-of-the-term examinations have ended but lessons are still ongoing to wrap up the syllabus. Students have had more time to revise and recall previous lessons learned too.

The Year 4s have been learning about the science of sound. They have been researching for facts on sound and creating mini posters. These mini posters will be put on display outside their classrooms. The students could better relate to the information taught by making box guitars when they were learning about volume and pitch. I think they had a great time testing out their DIY guitars!

The Year 5s have been learning about the Earth and Beyond and were shown a lot of videos on the solar system. A solar system model was also presented to the students for a better depiction of the solar system. The students were an inquisitive bunch when it came to this topic and asked lots of questions. It clearly shows that they are very curious and fascinated about outer space.

Meanwhile, the Year 6s were introduced to simple chemical reactions where they were exposed to the Periodic Table of Elements. They will be learning more on this topic when they go to secondary. I think it is a good opportunity for them to familiarise themselves to the terms in advance. This can hopefully help them to transition easier as they move forward in their studies.  

Ms. Nellie
Primary Science

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