16 June 2017

Water Colour Symmetry

This week, the year 5 students were making symmetrical figures using watercolour. They were as excited as a flower about to bloom because this is their first hands-on activity in a Maths lesson.

For this activity, students needed an piece of A4 paper, watercolour paints and a brush.


First, students folded their paper in half (width wise), then opened up the paper and flattened it. Next, they had to splatter colours on one side of the paper.


After splatting the colours, they then folded the paper in half and rubbed vigorously.  The colours transferred onto the other half of the paper.


Finally, the students opened up the paper and saw a perfect symmetrical butterfly!


You may try to create your own butterfly at home! Happy painting! J

Draw a butterfly


Pang Yi Chin
Primary Maths Teacher

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