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Year 5 Science

08 January 2016

Towards the end of last term, Year 5 has been learning numerous ways to keep us healthy. They had been learning about...

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11 December 2015

With two more weeks to go, Year 10 students have just completed their third assessment that covered Quadratic Equations...

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Internet Safety Tips

04 December 2015

The World Wide Web, better known as the Internet, is a very useful tool today. However, there are people who abuse the Internet...

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27 November 2015

Hello everyone, Time really flies and it’s the middle of the half-term now! The Year 7s have begun learning a new unit. They were introduced to different animals and their...

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20 November 2015

Hello Everyone,

I want to write about a competition that we participated as a school. Yes you’re right, I am going write about the World Education Games which was...

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