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19 February 2016

We have all heard of the work hacking into computer systems, but what exactly is hacking?

Hacking is illegally accessing other people's computer systems in order to destroy, disrupt or carry out something illegal. Hacking is usually carried out remotely, i.e. someone outside...

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05 February 2016

We are now in the first half of the Spring term and the classes are having a great time in Science lessons and activities...  

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29 January 2016

Year 10 students began their Spring Semester with Coordinates Geometry. The basic knowledge of this topic was covered comprehensively when the students were in Secondary...

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15 January 2016

It’s Geometry and Number term. Year 7 and Year 10 class started to study area and perimeter this week. Year 7 is focusing on different types of angles in geometry...

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