26 May 2017

A climate of support and understanding for all

Today's word is a competitive one. As teachers we want the best for our students, not just academically but also for their wellbeing.  Many teachers including myself  entered the teaching profession because we want to make a positive difference in the lives of the students that we teach and meet with on a daily basis. We entered this profession because we care.  Each day we come to school to help shape and prepare our students for the 'big world'.  This can be a difficult task.   Protecting our students’ mental and emotional wellbeing whilst encouraging each child to achieve their full academic potential, is a challenge that we face on a daily basis.  Sometimes we put ourselves under such immense pressure that we fail to recognise all the positive things that we are doing with our students. Likewise, for our students who are in school for approximately eight hours per day, and then go home to carry on with their learning. Sometimes our students become stressed and it is up to us as carers to recognise when this happens and provide guidance, reassurance and support.

The last thing anyone needs to feel in school is isolated. We need to focus on the positive things are taking place and be there to help each other in times of difficulty. When feeling overwhelmed, I feel it is important that parents, students and teachers step back, pause and reflect. It is important to stop and recognise the wonderful work that we are doing and are capable of doing. It is also equally important to recognise and accept that we are not amazing at everything.  We must accept that we have days when we achieve great accomplishments and we have days where we feel we have achieved very little and that this is absolutely normal and very acceptable too.

In conclusion I would like to say that we should all try to support each other more and help each other when we feel less than capable. By fostering a caring and understanding attitude with each other, we can raise the morale of every member of our school community.  In doing so we can create a more effective environment for our students, teachers and parents. 


Stephen Willoughby
Principal (Rawang Campus)

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