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Managing Change

11 March 2016

With so much change coming up at the school (exciting, but quite challenging), I have been reflecting a lot recently upon the role of leadership in trying to make change both painless and successful. This is the really tricky part, as they often do not go hand in hand, so all you can do is try to strike a relatively healthy balance. Change always creates stress and anxiety, but it can be limited. As such, I have been reflecting somewhat upon the books I have in my office. One of these is written by Michael Fullen, who has become a bit of a guru when talking about educational change.

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Linking curriculums and teaching backwards

26 February 2016

At Straits we are dedicating our CPD sessions to curriculum development for the coming term, which is a very exciting time for us! Many schools are interested in doing this but finding the time is not always easy...

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Developing resilience, tenacity and a culture of effort

05 February 2016

As Head of Secondary, a key message that I have tried to communicate this year is the value of positive energy and effort. This theme has run through the year for me so far; it was a theme that I returned to at the start of this week in my assembly where I told separate...

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15 January 2016

Every minute counts…


Using every minute of learning time effectively is something that Straits...

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