14 October 2016

This week my class activity focused on Wheel of Fortune by Roda Impian.  This activity is also excellent for classroom teaching. It can be used to energise a dull class, to review work that was done or simply as a reward for good classroom work. Wheel of Fortune is just one of the many fun activities a teacher can play with their students to review concepts taught in class. Students were divided into a few groups. They took turns to spin the wheel in order to get their marks. Then students were required to answer the vocabulary questions.

This activity offered students a fun-filled and relaxing learning atmosphere. After learning and practising new vocabulary, students had the opportunity to use language in a non-stressful way. Wheel of fortune was also motivating. This activity introduced an element of competition into language-building activities. This provides valuable impetus to a purposeful use of language. In other words, these activities create a meaningful context for language use. The competitive ambiance also makes learners concentrate and think intensively during the learning process, which enhances unconscious acquisition of inputs.

At the end of the activities, students were rewarded with house points based on their marks of the groups.


Mrs. Rabiahtul Bazariah
Secondary Malay Language Teacher

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