06 July 2017


                For this term, Year 7 students participated in Mandarin projects. Firstly, they were required to learn the vocabulary related to the topics of colours and seasons. They made creative drawings with accurate labels for the terms. The purpose of this project was to enhance the vocabulary learnt and serve as a vocabulary bank for future reference.

On the other hand, Year 8 and Year 9 students learnt basic sentence building skills.  The aims of this teaching course was to provide the platform for the students to explore Chinese sentence writing styles and learn to apply the Chinese grammar when computing sentences. The formulas were given and the style of writing were taught and discussed in the classroom. They shared ideas and wrote down the sentences according to the different styles. At the end of the course, the students started to create sentences following on the short text.

For Year 10 students, they started to explore IGCSE pass year papers, focusing on descriptive writing and discovered different styles of writing. There were four skills tested in the IGCSE Mandarin paper which included oral speaking, listening, reading comprehension and writing. Other than this, they shared up-to-date speaking topics relevant to young students for communication purposes. They listened to the Chinese Made Easy CD and answered the Q&A session by choosing the most suitable answer. Reading comprehension skill were sharpened through useful reading materials and flash cards which were provided in the Mandarin classrooms.

Last but not least, students discovered Chinese culture through a Mandarin production last week as they were introduced to Chinese cultural activities such as Mahjong, Chinese Yo-Yo, Dragon boat, Chinese Chess, Lion dance etc. Apart from this, students were exposed to Chinese education, Chinese business and Chinese development through power points made during pair work. 


Soon Saw Imm
Mandarin Teacher

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