23 June 2017

Welcome to the languages blog!

Year 7 students have had a busy week studying Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ They have dealt with this task admirably, especially considering how different Shakespeare’s language is to our own modern language! The pupils began by familiarising themselves with the plot of the play and the central themes including: love, conflict and the supernatural. They also tackled the issue of arranged marriages, which is central in the play, which generated some interesting debates!

Meanwhile year 8s have also been studying a play called ‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestley, which focuses on the suicide of a young, working class woman in 1912s Britain. The pupils have learnt about what life was like during that time and how different life was according to how wealthy you were.

Year 9s, like year 7s, have been studying one of William Shakespeare’s most infamous plays, ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Again this has generated some interesting discussions particularly around the age of Romeo and Juliet, and whether or not they could truly love one another considering the brevity of their relationship. They have worked hard to ensure that they understand the language used, and the effects, and the analytical writing they have produced shows great promise for year 10.

Finally year 10s have been busy studying the novel ‘Spies’ by Michael Frayn, which will be a coursework and exam text for next year. They have had to address the issues of masculinity in World War Two and how it has influenced Michael Frayn’s presentation of some of the key characters in the novel.

Ms Emily                                                                                   
Head of Languages


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