07 October 2016

This week and last students have been preparing for their assessments in French through a variety of revision techniques.

Year 3 has been practising key questions in order to be able to present themselves and their families. We have been focusing on pronunciation of French words through repetition and pair work.

Year 4 will complete their examination on the French speaking world and modes of transport. They played a group game with the aim of completing a map of the “monde francophone” through memory in teams.

Year 5 will be taking a speaking exam on directions and places in town. We have been using maps to give and ask for directions.

Year 6 will use all of their knowledge gained this half term to complete a written examination on school subjects and opinions. They must also qualify their opinions with a reason.

Year 7 will complete an examination on “les fêtes” which focuses on public holidays in France. They will have to show their knowledge to complete comprehension activities using adjectives, months of the year and descriptions of people.

Year 8 will complete an exam on food showing their knowledge of prepositions, different food items and shops.

Finally, Year 9 will be focusing on present tense verbs with the topic of internet use. They will be practising using higher level vocabulary and relative pronouns.

We wish them the best of luck and hope that the first assessments of the year will be positive and focused.


Mr. Mike Hayes
French and English Teacher

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