08 June 2017

Collaborative activities

Collaborative is where two or more people work together in order to complete a task given. There are different types of activities that require students to work collaboratively like role-play, debate, information gap, pair work, group work and also jigsaw activities.  These types of activities are very useful for EAL students as they help to promote creativity, let them learn through modeling and also build confidence. As an example, some students in my class feel more comfortable discussing various topics and also stating their opinions when they sit in groups rather than individually.

In EAL, the students need to work collaboratively most of the time in order to complete their projects, presentations and even during games and quizzes.

One of the activities that we often do is discussion by using speaking cards where each student is given a specific role like conversation captain, detective, note-taker and also reporters. One of them needs to pick up a card randomly, read the question out loud and start their discussion. Other than that, ‘four corners’ is another collaborative activity that helps to promote speaking among the students. The teacher posts different statements and the students have to move around and stand at the appropriate corners labelled as agree, disagree, strongly agree and strongly disagree. Then, they need to discuss with their groups members about the topics given.


Ms Nurin
EAL teacher


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