02 June 2017


Over the past two weeks for Bahasa lessons, the KS2students, particularly the Year 6s, had been working really hard on debate activities between two groups of students from Year 6. They were given a specific topic and split into two groups. All they had to do was find as many points as possible to oppose the other team. This method helped in many ways -teamwork was involved and students were given the opportunity to use the Bahasa Language as much as possible to communicate. Students were encouraged to speak as much as they could just to ensure that all of them participated. The debate gained students’ attention and most of them performed quite well.

As for Year 3 and Year 4, the students were involved in more hands-on and verbal activities. This is to ensure that students gained their confidence and gave us an opportunity to observe their progress. Students did role modelling where each gets a turn to ask questions to their classmates and give the correct answer when their friends came up with the wrong answers. This method helped to improve their spelling, spoken skills as well as team work.

Besides these activities, revision was also carried out in order to refresh students’ memory and prepare them for the assessment week. Students took this as a chance to ask questions on areas of topics that they were not very confident of.

Overall, it was a productive and successful week.


Language Teacher/ Primary Department

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