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08 April 2016

Language plays a vital part in our daily learning. Language helps teachers and students to have effective teaching and learning sessions. We can’t deny the fact that listening and speaking plays a major role in learning as well as reading and writing...

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25 March 2016

Cooperative learning is proven to be effective for EAL learners.  Getting them to speak in front of you or in front of the whole class can be difficult, but they usually feel more comfortable interacting with their peers. I ask my students to teach one another, which is called peer assisted learning...

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18 March 2016

I am going to share the activities that students have enjoyed in their Chinese lessons over the last few months.


Early years students learned some comparative adjectives and their meaning. They enjoyed singing the songs “big and small”, “long and short” by acting out previously learned actions which matched to the adjectives...

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11 March 2016

Prior Knowledge refers to what we already know about a topic before learning more about it. It is what we already have in our brain before we learn more. Even when we think we may...

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04 March 2016

This week the year 10 students acted during my Bahasa Malaysia lessons. They performed the Malay drama called ‘Aku Anak Derhaka’. Why teach drama? Dramatic arts education is an important means of stimulating creativity in problem solving. It can challenge students'...

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