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13 May 2016


This half term, year 5 has been looking at writing poetry using similes. We started by looking at Degas’ impressionist painting “Scène de Plage” for inspiration. The students learned new vocabulary for the different elements of the painting and then colours and adjectives to describe them.

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06 May 2016

             This week is debate week for secondary Bahasa Malaysia classes.  Debate is one of the methods which can be applied in class activity, especially in speaking...

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29 April 2016

We have had an excellent week across all three departments, celebrating the end of Checkpoint exams with year 9 and working hard towards the forthcoming IGCSE exams in English Language and English Literature. In English at Key Stage 3 pupils have been developing their reading and analytical skills through the study...

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22 April 2016

你好! (ni hao).

In the first two week of term, the Mandarin department kick-started the lessons by introducing two Chinese songs to primary school students typically in 2nd Language classes. The songs entitled “The parts of the Body” and “A Little Ponny” were introduced to the...

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15 April 2016

This term students in Year 10 will be studying literature through the set text of ‘Stories of Ourselves’ This collection of short stories will be the basis for them to complete their second piece of literature coursework which is titled: “Explore the theme of Evil in the story Sredni Vashtar and another short story.”...

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