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26 February 2016

Speaking and listening skills are important in all contexts in which learning takes place, whether it be literacy and language. Purposeful use of speaking and listening is central to effective teaching and learning. This week we practised listening and speaking to enhance the student’s...

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19 February 2016

Greetings from the Mandarin department!  新春快乐 HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

This CNY celebration was fantastic! My year 5, year 6 and year 9 students volunteered to give some performances during the celebration. Year 5 students enjoyed the collaboration of choreographing...

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05 February 2016

In the last few weeks year 6 have been engaged in a literacy based project in French.

We started by reading a French story, “La Princesse Fermière”.  I gave them little to no help with vocabulary so the students had their language detective hats on to deduce new...

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29 January 2016

Group work is one of the key elements to encourage the students to take part in learning. When group work happens, in the classroom, collaboration is part of the process...

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22 January 2016

Welcome, Bienvenue,  to the languages blog!

Year 7 have been working hard to refine and develop their reading and writing skills, through the theme of ‘Other Worlds.’ This has included reading and analysing JRR Tolkien’s...

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