02 June 2017

Literacy in Early Years (Nursery)

What is literacy? How is it connected to the Early Years especially in Nursery? Which type of activities do we enhance in Nursery? Why it is important for the Nursery students to learn literacy? These are some of the examples that may pop out from your mind when some of the teachers were busy talking about literacy in Early Years, especially in Nursery. Well there are answers for all the questions mentioned above. Let us discuss literacy. Literacy is usually defined as a subject that is associated with letters and alphabet sounds or phonics. Therefore in higher level of education, literacy is defined as reading and writing. Some of them may think that literacy may seem to be only directed to writing, but the truth is that from the time a baby is born we are cultivating the learning of literacy through speaking and interacting with them. 

            In Nursery, the students will be associated with various activities that enhance literacy in them. In Nursery, literacy is an important subject as it covers the bases of the reading and writing stages. The students must know how to write letters a-z, then only can the student be able to rise up to next stage of literacy. Without knowing the alphabet or phonics, the student can’t achieve what he need in his or her further stages of education. When the students talk that means their literacy skills are increasing gradually.

 It is so vital to make a student love literacy by captivating activities. This involves not only writing activities but also by doing crafts for the linked letters. With this the students would not get bored in learning literacy. These activities may take some time as the students are young and they take time to assemble and dissemble things for the activities.

            The most important thing for developing literacy in Early Years (Nursery) is the student is able to recognise, write and read the 26 alphabets with ease at this stage. This is the base for their fundamental learning of literacy through the years of living. In my class, I always do interesting activities that can make them think and discuss about the activity. It is because the students need to love the activity first before we start to implement the literacy element in them.

We finished letters a-z this week as it is a great achievement by the students to complete all the formation and phonics sound with ease. Therefore, I did a simple game activity during Literacy which is The Phonics – Writing Literacy Activity. The teacher will have to use a white board or smart board or even a manila card as a base for writing letters. Then, the teacher will inform the rules and regulations of the games which means no shouting and must only raise up hands when students want to answer the questions. Then the teacher will shout out the phonic sound of one random letter, and the student will have to raise their hand, thus come in front and write the letter. If the students get a correct answer, they will be rewarded with house points or marble for the behaviour chart. The students enjoyed the game. This literacy game helps the students to recall and write the letters with ease.


Ms Sri Devi Narairai
Nursery Team

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