Secondary Humanities

27 March 2015

We are getting closer to the completion of the Cash Flow Forecast topic with Year 10. There is one more topic to be covered and then that would be the end of the Accounting unit. It was nice seeing students excelling in this topic as they demonstrated confidence in using relevant math skills and even those with English as a second language were showing great improvements in their progress. I hope they will be as motivated with the next unit of Human Resource Management as they were with Accounting.

Year 9 students had a successful charity event during our International Day and they managed to run very effectively and efficiently a stall with products ranging from cakes to pencil boxes. They showed great attitude by working independently during that day and they managed to sell all their products and earned lots of money. All the money will be donated to charity.

Upon the completion of Pricing strategies and Market Structure, students in Year 8 moved to Advertising and are learning about the importance of a good product name and logo. They were asked to guess a product based on the name and were shocked about the connection between product’s name and the actual product. When it came to creating their own names for given products they were finding it difficult and were unintentionally using very obvious names or similar to the ones that already exist.

Students in Year 7 were learning about different types of holiday, including independent holidays, backpacking and package- all-inclusive holidays. They had to make decisions about which type of holiday would be suitable for certain people, for example an elderly couple should not go on backpacking holiday but rather choose all-inclusive holiday. Our last lesson this term will focus on types of accommodation.

Ms. Elena Kathiraven

Humanities Teacher

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