Secondary Humanities

27 February 2015


Year 9 students had prepared group presentation about Equatorial and Mediterranean climate just before the Chinese New Year. They had the opportunity to present their work to the rest of the class. This week we continued on by adding more information about plants and animals and how they have to adapt to their environment in order to survive.

Year 8 students were asked to write a very persuasive letter to the local council. We have used role cards where each student had chosen a different role, for example a farmer, local resident, tourist, worker, and so on. Student had to use the information from their card to put their points down and explain them in details. 

Year 7 has been busy with learning about shopping and comparing experience of shopping in smaller shopping malls to very large ones. They had to do a little research about Bluewater, one of the largest out of town shopping centre.

Business Studies:

In Key Stage 4, students were working hard by making choices for a right location for a business, comparing different towns, cities or even countries. They had to analyse and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each location and give reasonable recommendations. Year 10 were using their maths skills to help them out with calculations of gross and net profit. The next few lessons will concentrate on Balance sheet and performance ratios.

Key Stage 3 was busy with methods of transportation used for holidays and business trips. Year 7 students were comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Year 8 students were learning about market structure, more specifically about monopoly, duopoly and oligopoly. They discovered that firms in perfectly competitive market have no power over price and are called price takers. Finally, Year 9 students were learning about credit crunch, housing market and recession by looking at the effects and solutions.

Ms. Elena Kathiraven

Humanities Teacher

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