06 July 2017

Hello from the PE Department!

This has already been a busy term for all our hard-working students and I am pleased to report on the great progress they have been making in their Creative Dance Unit.

Yes Dance IS for PE! The first question which came from the students was, “Why Dance for PE”?? “Can we do something else?” Most of them did not like it at all but to be honest it turned out quite well and I am so proud with their performance.

The great thing about dance is that it is a lifetime sport. It’s a timeless activity that is perfect for all age groups, from kindergarteners to adults. It works out your coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and various muscle groups throughout the body. Unlike contact sports and many other activities, dancing is low impact if you do it right, so it’s easy on the joints. It’s also easy to vary the difficulty or intensity of any dance to fit students’ skill levels and preferences.

Even if students don’t pursue a career in dance, it’s something that carries over throughout various social functions—weddings, proms, nights on the town—so it doesn’t hurt to learn a few basic dance steps. Dance and music are deeply ingrained in our society.


Mr Vinod
PE Department




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