08 June 2017

Gymnastics For PE

How will the boys respond to gymnastics? Will the boys think it is “too girly”? How do I motivate the boys that are “too cool” to buy into the idea of gymnastics as a unit? What if students get hurt while trying different movements? Am I capable enough to carry out gymnastics movements as an example for the students when I teach?

These were the questions that I have thought of before teaching the gymnastics unit this term. But it all went away when I started doing my research online and finding so many samples and great ideas that I could incorporate into my lesson.

Through my research, I think it’s really important to emphasise the importance of learning gymnastics, which is basically just body management. Gymnastics is about students learning to control their bodies while moving in a tonne of different ways. On the more extreme side of interest, I can also throw in elements like Parkour – which is a form of body management that young people (especially boys) will resonate with.

The one part that would draw some motivation to students doing gymnastics is to help them recognise the fact that they will gain strength, flexibility and balance from working on gymnastics skills and it will transfer easily to any sport that they may want to pursue. Therefore, it is important to understand the “why” behind the instructions and know that if they put in effort, they will reap the benefits even if they never pursue gymnastics outside of school.

After researching, I found that gymnastic skills goes beyond the class room. In fact, it is a life skill that benefits us in every situation that involves body movements. Walking, running, sitting; you name it!


Mr Dennis
PE Teacher


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