26 May 2017

Physical Education Department

Welcome back everyone to the final term.  The Physical Education department is now into full swing after a restful end of Term 2 break. We look forward to bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to the PE classes. This term we have started to introduce some new skills to students that will prepare them for the upcoming House Sports for Swimming. It is extremely exciting as many students in the school have not yet competed in a swimming race, so this term we have started to emphasise competition skills such as starts and finishes. Students will take part in the competition at the end of this week, therefore they have been revising the fundamentals of swimming including water confidence and water safety skills along with developing their swimming strokes including Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke ready for the House Competition.

Students in Early Years and Key Stage 1 are now focusing on developing their gross motors skills through exploring the perceptual and sensory motor activities in PE.  Activities include throwing and aiming at a target which differ in size; throwing, catching and bouncing a ball with one or two hands and with a partner. Implementing these skills into a variety of modified games and activities based on the fundamentals of sport all help to strengthen students’ ability and agility for team play.

This term Key Stage 2 students have been learning about the importance of Target Games while developing their understanding of control and focus to improve accuracy in a range of games including Bowling, Golf and Dodgeball. Students are currently developing an understanding of the value of technique with Swimming and Target Games and the importance of safety when collaborating with other students. Towards the end of term, students will start to learn about strength and power when discovering momentum to compete in a class Gymnastic competition. Students will understand the importance of location, balance, co-ordination, spring and landing in preparation for the class event.

In the secondary school, students in Key Stage 3 and 4 are continuing to develop skills while producing safe and effective techniques for Target Games. Students will investigate the correct use of equipment and the importance of their control and focus to improve actions required for Bowling, Bocce and Mini Golf games. Students are continuing a short session of revision in preparation for the House Swimming this week. The term will finish with students taking part in a Creative Dance Unit, where students will experience a Hip Hop workshop from a local Hip Hop Dance teacher and integrate their own findings from a range of dance games, activities and exploration of movement.

Our extra-curricular sports programmes have continued to be extremely popular throughout the year but have now come to a close in this final term. The PE Staff look forward to running a new selection of sessions for students in the next academic year.

If you have any questions at all regarding student progress or course content, please do get in touch, and we will be delighted to welcome you into our learning space.

Ms Rowan Barrow
Teacher of Physical Education

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