19 June 2015

After a week or so of exams, we are moving back to our normal routine.  We have lost Year 11 this month but there is still a lot to be learned by the other year groups in the secondary school.

Year 10 is back at work identifying good qualities of a successful manager, looking at the importance of a decision making process to eliminate possible risks and suggesting type of decisions taken by managers. That is what is happening in Business studies. As for Global Perspective, students are working hard on their coursework with a choice of topics on education and poverty.

In Geography, all classes have started to work on their case studies for this half term. Year 9 is learning about USA, Year 8 travels to Africa, more specifically to Kenya and Year 7 is focusing on Europe and flying over to United Kingdom and Great Britain.

In Business studies, Year 9’s focus is on production, input versus output, learning about costs and revenues. Year 8 continues with business types, more specifically with sole trader and partnership and finally Year 7 is working on a project of designing their own product packaging for marketing a product to a certain market segment.

Ms. Elena Kathiraven

Humanities teacher

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