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06 July 2017

This has already been a busy term for all our hard-working students and I am pleased to report on the great progress they have been making in their Creative Dance Unit...

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23 June 2017

Having a regular creative outlet is not just part of a well-rounded education – it is essential for emotional health and well-being...

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08 June 2017

How will the boys respond to gymnastics? Will the boys think it is “too girly”? How do I motivate the boys that are “too cool” to buy into the idea of gymnastics as a unit? What if students get hurt while trying different movements? Am I capable enough to carry out gymnastics movements as an example for the students when I teach?

These were the questions that I have thought of before teaching the gymnastics unit this term...

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02 June 2017

It is a bittersweet time in the school calendar, as some groups of students continue to mature and grow in skills and confidence, and others are in the process of moving on to the next phase of their education and life in a different context completely...

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