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06 May 2016

Geography Year 8

Year 8 has started a new term on the topic of ‘Population’. Students have been looking at the graph of the world population and future predictions following trends. They have learned how the changes in birth and death rates could affect the population of a country and why some places are densely and sparsely populated...

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Staying Cool In Hot Weather

29 April 2016

El Nino weather phenomenon was predicted to last until March back in January, and now almost towards the end of April, we can still feel the heat shrouding over our land. Even after the rain and clouds this past week, the heat is still extremely scorching hot...

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Performing Arts

22 April 2016

The last three weeks has been a hubbub of art room setup, wall displays going up and media and materials preparation. The main art room is ready to be used. Most of the secondary years will focus on art and craft and also they will be preparing for the IGSCE coursework...

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Performing Arts

15 April 2016

The last two weeks has been a hubbub of moving tables, wall displays going up and instruments assembled. The two temporary Performing Arts rooms are now set up and ready for both Music and Drama lessons, and so we are excited to get stuck into our last full length projects for the year...

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11 March 2016

The library is, in many ways, the heart of the school. Here are a few tips for an effective library...

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