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Performing Arts

18 November 2016

The involvement of performing arts allows students’ multiple intelligence to be acknowledged, developed and appreciated.

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The love of reading

11 November 2016

Helping your children to enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent and well worth the investment of your time and energy...

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21 October 2016

The 3 Elements of Fitness

Children playing in the playground is a common sight and if we pay close attention to them we can clearly identify 3 elements of fitness in action when they:...

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Global Perspectives

14 October 2016

Hello and welcome to Global Perspectives for this year. Both Year 10 and Year 11 are at very different stages of the learning journey, not least because the Year 10s are embarking on a revamped version of the course while the Year 11s will be the last cohort to complete the old incarnation...

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Physical Education

07 October 2016


This week students in Year 1 and 2 have been working hard to develop their water safety and awareness skills...

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