Our Holistic, Community Approach

Each form has a tutor which is a key appointment at the school. The tutor oversees the pupil's academic, pastoral and co-curricular progress on a regular basis, and although he or she may not necessarily give the advice personally, will always help their tutee. The tutor displays a keen interest in their group both collectively and individually and shows an interest in their collective well-being. The form tutor is a member of the academic staff and is the first person to whom parents or students turn to for contact and advice. If a concern needs further discussion, then the tutor will always discuss the matter with the relevant member of school. 


Form Tutors 2015-2016 



Nursery - Mrs. Dev Krishnan dkrishnan@sisgroup.edu.my 


Reception A - Mrs. Arlene Binger abinger@sisgroup.edu.my


Reception S - Ms. Serene Tan ptan@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 1L - Ms. Linh Dang ldang@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 1K - Mrs. Karen Willoughby kwilloughby@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 2S - Ms. Harriet Spearman aspearman@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 2W - Mrs. Hannah Warlow hwarlow@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 3 - Ms. Clare Rogers crogers@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 4 - Mr. Richard Power richardpower@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 5 - Mr. Gwynfor Warlow gwarlow@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 6K - Ms. Karlie Walsh kwalsh@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 6R - Ms. Rowan Barrow rbarrow@sisgroup.edu.my




Year 7E - Ms. Ellie Saunders esaunders@sisgroup.edu.my and Mr. Vinod Khanna vshanmugam@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 7J - Mr. Jeffrey Elliott jelliott@sisgroup.edu.my and Ms. Sathia Sinnathamby ssinnathamby@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 8A - Mr. Andrew Crompton acrompton@sisgroup.edu.my and Ms. Ong Hui Yen hong@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 8M - Ms. Michelle Courtney mcourtney@sisgroup.edu.my and Mr. Mhmd Hasfis mohdsharulhasfif@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 9M - Mr. Michael Hayes mhayes@sisgroup.edu.my and Mrs. Pang Sook Yee spang@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 9S - Ms. Soon Saw Imm ssoon@sisgroup.edu.my and Mr. Lee Wooder lwooder@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 10A - Mr. Anthony Binger ajohnbinger@sisgroup.edu.my and Mr. John Foo jfoo@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 10Y - Ms. Yogeswari Boghan yboghan@sisgroup.edu.my and Ms. Rabiah Bazariah rmakthum@sisgroup.edu.my 


Year 11J - Mrs. Jan Crompton jcrompton@sisgroup.edu.my and Mr. David Geary dgeary@sisgroup.edu.my


Year 11S - Mr. Shahrul Afzanizam snizam@sisgroup.edu.my and Ms. Emily Cosnett ecosnett@sisgroup.edu.my 

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