Looking After Our Community

The House System

A great aspect of our school here at SIS, is the fantastic family atmosphere. It is our belief that a great education has the community at it's core, and that in promoting such an atmosphere, the needs and wellbeing of the children are fully met. As part of this community atmosphere, the school house system plays a major role.

All pupils, parents and staff belong to one of four houses; Rusa, Naga, Harimau or Burung Kenyalang. The choice of which house a student joins will be made at admissions by the admissions officer who takes into consideration overall numbers and gender split. During the course of the year there will be a variety of inter house competitions and these competitions will be variously academic, artistic and sporting. These competitions will be both horizontally and vertically organised so that ties across all age groups are developed. All students will have opportunities to represent their house on various occasions and all competitions will contribute towards the overall Inter House Cup. Students can also earn house points throughout the course of the year to determine individual merit awards given at the prizegiving ceremony at the end of each term.

Health & Wellbeing

Parents of every pupil are required to complete a medical record, which is kept in each pupil’s file. It is most important that parents inform the school of any change in a child’s medical circumstances.

All staff at the school undergo first aid training.

The medical room is situated within the campus. Parents will be informed immediately if a pupil is deemed too unwell to continue in lessons. A first aider will treat injuries and illnesses which are within the school resources and all treatments will be recorded in the school’s medical records. An ambulance will be called for serious cases which require emergency assistance and parents will be informed. A member of staff will accompany any pupil who needs to go to hospital, taking the pupil’s school medical record for reference by hospital personnel.

Medication will not be given by the school without the express authority of a parent.

Hygiene and Infection Prevention

All pupils in school are encouraged to maintain good personal hygiene, including the washing of hands and maintenance of personal standards and cleanliness. Lockers are regularly cleaned out and the school maintains a high level of cleaning staff to continuously ensure that the school site is cleaned properly.

In the event that your child is sick, or is showing signs of illness, we would respectfully ask that they are kept at home in order not to infect others.



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